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Special Agency Services

SPECIAL AGENCY SERVICES Our special agency services offer customized support and solutions to cater to the specific and diverse requirements of our clients in the maritime industry 01 Groundings Our specialized team provides efficient and prompt support in case of vessel groundings, ensuring swift response, damage assessment, and coordinating necessary actions for vessel recovery. 02 […]

Cargo & Marine Logistics

CARGO & MARINE LOGISTICS Our comprehensive cargo and marine logistics services ensure smooth and reliable transportation of goods, optimizing supply chains and supporting your maritime operations. 01 Fumigation Our skilled team provides efficient and safe fumigation solutions, ensuring effective pest control for your cargo and vessels, while complying with international regulations. 02 Fitting & securing […]

Seaway Agency

Seaway Agency As a dedicated Seaway Agency, we provide expert assistance and support for vessels navigating through the waterways, ensuring smooth and efficient transit through the seaways. 01 Coordinating with Seaway Auhorities during preclearance of vessel Our expert team specializes in seamless coordination with Seaway Authorities during the preclearance process of vessels, ensuring smooth and […]

Bunkering Agents

Bunkering Agents As trusted bunkering agents, we provide efficient and timely fueling services for vessels, ensuring seamless operations and reliable fuel supply for your maritime needs. 01 Coordination with bunker suppliers Our expert team specializes in seamless coordination with bunker suppliers, ensuring reliable and cost-effective fuel procurement for your vessels, optimizing your maritime operations.

General / Hub Agency

General / Hub Agency We provide comprehensive support and seamless coordination for all aspects of vessel operations, ensuring smooth logistics and efficient port services 01 Coordination with inspectors and Seaway Authorities We specialize in seamless coordination with inspectors and Seaway Authorities, ensuring compliance with regulations and smooth navigation through waterways for your vessels 02 Supervision […]

Full Port Agency

Full Port Agency Smooth port services for all vessel types around the world. Providing timely critical information and protecting your interests. 01 Itinerary or voyage planning Our expert team creates tailored itineraries for your maritime journeys, ensuring optimized routes and efficient navigation throughout your voyage. 02 Vessel operations Efficient Vessel Operations : Trust our expert […]

Husbandry Services

Husbandry Services Our professional services cater to all types of vessels, including Full Crew Change Managements, Crew Change and Transportation, Coordinating Store/Spares Deliveries, Arranging Doctor Appointments, Sanitation Certificates, and Secure Cash to Master Delivery, ensuring seamless operations for your maritime needs. 01 Full crew change managements Visa, Flights, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, medical assistance and […]